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Health Insurance Marketplace2023-10-11T12:12:45-05:00

Individuals and small groups under 25 employees, can begin buying health insurance through the Health Insurance Marketplace. The Health Insurance Marketplace will have many different health insurance plans from many different health insurance carriers in one place. The plans will have different benefits and different premiums.

Health Insurance Marketplace Eligibility

Individuals must meet the following criteria in order to be eligible for premium credits.

Employer-based Coverage2024-03-29T09:17:29-05:00

If offered employer-based coverage, your share of the coverage exceeds 9.5% of your individual income.

Household Income Requirements2024-03-29T09:17:29-05:00

Your household income must be between 133%-400% of the Federal Poverty Level. (FPL).

You must not be eligible for other acceptable coverage2024-03-29T09:17:29-05:00

Premium credits will be available for individuals who do not qualify for minimum essential coverage available through Medicare, Medicaid, Children’s Health Insurance Programs, CHIP, coverage related to military service, or an employer-sponsored plan that meets affordable & essential benefits tests.  If your employer “offers “coverage you are not eligible for a tax credit.  Even if you don’t accept your employers coverage, you are still not eligible simply because it is “offered” to you.

You must enroll in a Marketplace Exchange Plan2024-03-29T09:17:30-05:00

Persons who are residing in a state with an established Exchange and are not incarcerated or undocumented aliens maybe eligible.

You must file income taxes2024-03-29T09:17:30-05:00

While premium credits can be distributed directly to the insurer in advance, they must be reconciled through one’s individual tax returns. Married persons must file a joint tax return to receive the credit. Individuals who have little or no tax liability may be eligible for premium credits.

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